About Us

About us

Dirtbag Entertainment is proudly part of The Hustle HQ LTD, but that doesn’t tell you much!

The founders of Dirtbag Entertainment have known each other for a long time, some say too long (but what do they know!). Matt and Joey worked at one of the country’s leading entertainment agencies and used their experience of performing to help people find the best bands for their weddings and parties. The guys had been performing in original bands since school, up and down the country in sweaty venues, honing their craft. But alas, hardcore music wasn’t enough to make a living, so they got a day job. It was cool though, working in entertainment and helping people find the right band to bring smiles on their faces.

Playing in various party bands and performing solo, the guys loved playing what wasn’t expected and bringing something different to the wedding scene. Then a conversation led Joey and Matt to form a band, “but if we’re going to do it, lets f**king do it!” were Joey’s words. From that day, The Hustle was formed.

The Hustle was all about good vibes, high energy and fun times. Not wanting to be like every other rock pop party band. It was soon apparent that this was something that lots of people wanted.

From a busy couple of years playing over 100 weddings a year, The Hustle quickly became one of the most sought after bands in the North West for couples who wanted a real band to rock their wedding.

This led to the guys giving lots of advice to fellow bands and wedding suppliers after constantly being asked how its done, it was soon apparent that The Hustle was more than just a band, call it a movement, call it an attitude, whatever you want to call it, it lead to become Dirtbag Entertainment.

Dirtbag is all about fun vibes, great bands and something different to the norm. Matt and Joey’s background in performing, gigging, and helping clients find the right band, means that they will always ensure that the best service is offered from start to finish and the best bands are performing on the night.

Get in touch

If you want to discuss anything at all, from the website, to working with us, please contact.

If you’re a band wanting to get listed with us, please be aware that we only work with kick ass bands who have a kick ass attitude and are ready to rock. We work exclusively with out bands to ensure they have the best investment, support and guidance from us, in return they get the gigs they want and get treated with respect and love. If this suits you, let us know.

Dirtbag Entertainment trades under The Hustle HQ Limited (15185712)

VAT number – 453371693

Business address

Lilac Cottage, The Vownog